Saturday, September 4, 2010

Arcade [Music Video]

Mike the Martyr, Big Wiz & Tla Shawn. Mike the Martyr produced the track.
Dave Wilson Directed & Filmed the music video. The remix is coming soon feat AG & Triple Seis so STAY TUNED!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

NEW EXCLUSIVE Umbrella Music Group track..

Soulution of TNT (Long Doe Records)
I Self Devine (Rhymesayers)
Cleva (Long Doe Records)

Off The Wall A.G. (of D.I.T.C.) Pro. by Mike the Martyr Video by HI-DEF

Recently Mike the Martyr of Long Doe Records produced a track for the Legendary A.G. of (D.I.T.C.). The track titled "Off the Wall", was also made into a music video, directed by Hi-Def. A.G. came and spent about a week in the 612 with the Long Doe camp before he performed at Tony Bones' 'Going Away' Party at the Cabooze back on July 24th. During A.G.'s stay in Minneapolis, he recorded 11 tracks with Long Doe artists as well as a few solo tracks over Mike the Martyr produced beats. This is this first A.G./Long Doe collaboration track that has been released so far. More are coming soon so STAY TUNED!! -

Thursday, July 29, 2010

MetaSota Interview!!!

MetaSota talks about his tour with Devin The Dude, projects hes working on, and more. Plus, continuing a Channel 612 tradition, Meta has given me the honor of playing a WORLD PREMIERE EXCLUSIVE TRACK that he wont be releasing for a few months at the end of the interview!!! -C²

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BigWiz & Mike the Martyr 'Coming Home' Interview

BigWiz and Mike the Martyr talk about their recent trip to New York, upcoming projects, and continuing a Channel 612 tradition; they have released a Channel 612 EXCLUSIVE FULL TRACK called 'Wizardry' from their new album, coming out soon, entitled 'The Wizard and The Martyr'!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

'The Session'... (Intro)

The studio, the lab, the dungeon, the kitchen, the closet, the office, the shop. The words Ive heard used to label where a local 612 artist records are endless. Since the start of this journey to the top Ive been to several studios but only a few stand out... It's not just the studio that interests me. Its the almost intoxicating feeling of a comfortably anxious, imaginative drive, determination, dedication, resolve and stimulating peace that radiates there. Similar to the birth of a child, there's an energy that can only be felt when good music is being created... This 'force' can only be perceived while fully immersed in The Session.. (To Be Continued...)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tony Bones' 'Going Away' Interview

Tony Bones talks about his 'Going Away' party at the Cabooze on July 24th, 2010 and why hes going as well as what you can expect from him while hes gone in this EXCLUSIVE interview!! Also, theres a special recording of a track from Tony Bones' album, at the end of the interview, that wont be coming out until his return !!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Long Doe NewYork Trip Status Update... 6-29-10

[1:57pm CST]"I didnt link up with anybody today fam. we all kinda chilled. Martyr got sideswiped by a fedex truck in Manhattan yesterday,I guess it kinda fucked up his bumper."-Cleva (Long Doe)

[2:02pm CST]"Yes we're OK the cars OK just a little scraped up, but we're still going hard. Cops made me wait for 4 hours!" -Mike the Martyr (Long Doe) on getting sideswiped by a fedex truck in NY yesterday.. []

[2:33pm CST] Cleva of Long Doe is at the airport on stand-by waiting for his plane to the 612! Detailed interview coming as soon as he lands! Check!! -C² (Channel 612)

[2:41pm CST] I just received a voice-mail from Cleva summarizing the trip to New York.. As soon as I find a place to record it Ill post it on the blog and on my facebook @!! Stay TUNED! -C² (Channel 612)

Interviews, News, Videos, Music, and Pictures to look forward to...

So now that Ive gotten this blog started, I decided to ask around and see who would be interested in being featured once I start really getting into writing.. Here are a few people that would like to share their art, experience, gossip, and wisdom here on Channel 612.. If you would like to have a music video or mix-tape reviewed on Channel 612 please e-mail or text 612-516-FAME with your ideas..

Here is a list of people that have already shown interest in being featured.. I just hope I can write fast enough! lol.

Tony Bones - Long Doe
Missy Germain - / Brutal MMA
David 'Depth' Powell - TC HipHop Awards
Dj Dmil - SP Style
Young Tyson - Most Hated Ent.
Jofoto - A 1,000 wordz / Inbox Magazine
Cake Oh Bee - Mill City Collective/Good Lyfe Music
Abhinav, T' La Shawn, and Tony Abstract - One Mic Productions
Lojik & Dextro - Wize Guys
Anthony Lamar Jones 'King of Rap N B' - Rize N Shine Ent
Muja Messiah
MetaSota - Coughee Brothers North
Pablo Garcia - United Sounds
Illuminous 3
Franz Diego -personality-
Usual Suspects
Absent - SP Style
Houston Housley
MicLyric/Fresko Jakes - LFT
Young Tone - UnderRated Ent
PAPE - UnderRated Ent
Peter Parker - Formerly of B96
Aquafresh - Long Doe
Cleva - Long Doe
Boima Freeman - Comedian
Ronnie Brown
HI-Def Photography
Mystro - Producer/Director
Mike the Martyr - Producer/MC (Long Doe)
DJ Reeg
Dave Wilson - Director
Steve - Graphic Designer (Long Doe)
BlacGod - BBOY Committee

Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome to Channel 612!! (Continued..)


Trying not to be greedy, I took only 2 hits and passed the blunt to Abhinav. At this point in my journey my tolerance wasn't as it is today and those 2 hits to my amazement got me feelin sufficiently stoned.. Tipsy and high, I now tried to make small talk with my new aquantences. I ignorantly asked. "So who are you guys here to see?" Abhinav replied, beginning with the hysterical laugh that I would hear more and more often in the coming months "Us kid, we are here to see One Mic." As he took the blunt from me without hesitation. "Im Abhi, Abhinav." He went on. "And this is T' La, T' La Shawn." I replied with my usual "Word, what up?" and extended my hand to shake up with Abhi and T' La, as to confirm the introduction, not realizizing I hadn't even given them my name.. Soon they would know though and I wouldn't even have to tell them.

I walked back into the semi-packed Loft and made my way to where K.O.B. had claimed a couch and a table.. Seeing as there wasn't any room on the couch I promplty grabbed a barstool from the bar nearby placing it by the shin high table. Sitting on the stool, I was level with the performers and looking down at the table and K.O.B. However with my new found stonedness I felt quite content with my altitude. Waiting for a pause in conversation I asked K.O.B. "So, when do you go on?" and his reply would be the exact words I would hear from countless performers to come. "I have no idea, I never know when I go on." They would say this with certainty. Like it was the only thing they could be certain about. This always reminded me of a quote fom the Greek philospher, Socrates. He said "All I know is that I know nothing at all. The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing."

K.O.B. went on last. One of the best performances that Ive ever seen him present on stage. There were girls on stage posing like models to his track 'Pose' and everyone was yelling "Aye!!" right along with him to his 'Invisible Man' track. His stage presence was flawless and the crowd's reaction was a direct reflection of his grand performance.

I didn't take pictures at this show. I regret that to this day. However, over 20,000 pictures would be taken by me of local Miinnesota artists in the coming months. I have taken more than a thousand pictures of K.O.B. and at least a thousand of Abhi and T' La now. Several more artists have been added to my resume since this show in August of 09. Ill get to them in a later post..

For now, Id like to Welcome you to Channel 612. Where I will be posting news on the local music scene in my own way. Through writing, video, music, graphic arts, and more I will try my best to paint a semi-unbiaased picutre of what this community Ive grown to love is all about. My name is Cedric 'C²' Crump, and this is Channel 612.

Welcome to Channel 612!!! (Continued..)


Hand in my pocket I frantically felt for the bills that were nestled there and with my Stevie Wonder skills, I counted them; One, Two, Three... and some change.. Damn I was broke, but fuck it 3$ was better than nothing I thought and made my way to the circle.. Approaching who I would later know as T' La Shawn and Abhinav of One Mic Productions I took out my bills.. One, Two, Three... waved them in the air and said "Mind if I hit that..?" T' La tried his hardest to hold back a chuckle and Abhinav didn't seem to care.. He replied.. "Gonna have to come with more than that kid, this is some Kush here.." The circle roared with laughter.. So much for first impressions I thought.. and again I Stevie Wondered my pockets almost as if I hoped that rubbing the pennies together would birth bigger bills instantly.. No luck.. So I decided to ask my roomie to front me a couple of bucks.. With my total at 7$ now I quickly made my way back to the circle.. Approaching T' La I gave him the 7$, his attitude toward me changed as rapidly as I had found more money.. And with his approval and a hysterical laugh from Abhinav I was included in the cypher.. (To Be Continued...)

Welcome to Channel 612!!!

There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth...not going all the way, and not starting.” -Buddha

10 Months ago I began this journey.. Began with a show at Barfly, downtown Minneapolis.. The show was held in the Loft section of Barfly and several people who I would run into on this journey to the top were performing.. K.O.B. had invited me to come to the show.. He was performing. I arrived with my roommate to Barfly at around 10:30, it was Saturday night.. Saturday night at Barfly means ANY COIN - ANY COCKTAIL from 9 to 11.. On my 3rd drink, I had only spent $3.03 and was headed upstairs to the Loft. The show had just begun, but the drinking bone is connected to the smoking bone and I need to smoke something.. Anything.. Preferably something herbal.. Not knowing if Id be searched or not coming into the club I decided to leave my bag at home.. So I reached for my pack of Newport shorts and stepped out on the roof of the Barfly Loft smoking section into a cloud of sweet, peppery, skunky smells and a circle of people I didn't know from which the cloud billowed.. "This is where Im supposed to be!" I thought. I stared at the crowd awkwardly.. Wondering how Id make my approach.. (To Be Continued...)