Monday, July 5, 2010

'The Session'... (Intro)

The studio, the lab, the dungeon, the kitchen, the closet, the office, the shop. The words Ive heard used to label where a local 612 artist records are endless. Since the start of this journey to the top Ive been to several studios but only a few stand out... It's not just the studio that interests me. Its the almost intoxicating feeling of a comfortably anxious, imaginative drive, determination, dedication, resolve and stimulating peace that radiates there. Similar to the birth of a child, there's an energy that can only be felt when good music is being created... This 'force' can only be perceived while fully immersed in The Session.. (To Be Continued...)


  1. for some one that is running a "Hip Hop" site you don"t really like hip hop do you

  2. lol, make a suggestion. Im all ears/eyes... Otherwise shut your fuckin pie hole.