Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome to Channel 612!!! (Continued..)


Hand in my pocket I frantically felt for the bills that were nestled there and with my Stevie Wonder skills, I counted them; One, Two, Three... and some change.. Damn I was broke, but fuck it 3$ was better than nothing I thought and made my way to the circle.. Approaching who I would later know as T' La Shawn and Abhinav of One Mic Productions I took out my bills.. One, Two, Three... waved them in the air and said "Mind if I hit that..?" T' La tried his hardest to hold back a chuckle and Abhinav didn't seem to care.. He replied.. "Gonna have to come with more than that kid, this is some Kush here.." The circle roared with laughter.. So much for first impressions I thought.. and again I Stevie Wondered my pockets almost as if I hoped that rubbing the pennies together would birth bigger bills instantly.. No luck.. So I decided to ask my roomie to front me a couple of bucks.. With my total at 7$ now I quickly made my way back to the circle.. Approaching T' La I gave him the 7$, his attitude toward me changed as rapidly as I had found more money.. And with his approval and a hysterical laugh from Abhinav I was included in the cypher.. (To Be Continued...)