Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Long Doe NewYork Trip Status Update... 6-29-10

[1:57pm CST]"I didnt link up with anybody today fam. we all kinda chilled. Martyr got sideswiped by a fedex truck in Manhattan yesterday,I guess it kinda fucked up his bumper."-Cleva (Long Doe)

[2:02pm CST]"Yes we're OK the cars OK just a little scraped up, but we're still going hard. Cops made me wait for 4 hours!" -Mike the Martyr (Long Doe) on getting sideswiped by a fedex truck in NY yesterday.. [http://mikethemartyr.blogspot.com/]

[2:33pm CST] Cleva of Long Doe is at the airport on stand-by waiting for his plane to the 612! Detailed interview coming as soon as he lands! Check Channel612.blogspot.com!! -C² (Channel 612)

[2:41pm CST] I just received a voice-mail from Cleva summarizing the trip to New York.. As soon as I find a place to record it Ill post it on the blog and on my facebook @ Www.facebook.com/c.2.612!! Stay TUNED! -C² (Channel 612)

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